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Rock 4 a Cause Logo Credit: Karisma Flores
Rock 4 a Cause Logo
Credit: Karisma Flores

Since I failed to renew my hosting with GoDaddy in time, all the content and layout on this site was wiped clean…

I’m currently taking a break from organizing these fundraising concerts, music videos, and other local music content. To focus on getting my Computer Science degree at SBCC so I can provide for my new family.

You can find the music videos we produced at our YouTube channel R4aCTV Ventura.

Thank you to everyone that was involved in this fantastic community endeavor, definitely a lot of people to list, Karisma Flores, Jeni G-Garcia, Kasey Finegan, and my lovely wife Danielle Angel in particular.

I  still have a passion to help make the world a better place through technology as we all advance with it. So I am taking on a new project, that is less time consuming on my part (R4aC took more than 56 hours per week) called “The Mighty Pen” which is a website that facilitates discussions of important social issues, such as Gun Control, Unlawful Police Brutality/Executions, Breastfeeding in Public, etc., by having community members write articles on their stance and why. Then, allowing other community members to voice their opinion.

Thank you all so much for joining me on all these endeavors and I hope that you are having a happy life : )

- Carlos Landeros~Angel
Rock4aCause @live.com

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